KPJAYI Authorized Teachers 

Brett Porzio

What am I doing here? And where am I going? A life well lived, full of the highest, most abundant joy will require one to contemplate deeply and sincerely, and inquire within themselves these essential questions. When we don't know who we are, life is chaos and we get caught in so much delusion - from which so much grief, disappointment, confusion and dissatisfaction are born. Much Sadhana - long, dedicated, cultivated experience of spiritual life - is required for the knowledge that resolves and unties like a knot this question within the soul. Who is the one perceiving? Is it I? And is this "I" real or is it just a projection passing through the filter of my mind? How do I know? Self-realisation is true and lasting fulfilment in this life, and this is the purpose of Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga Yoga ultimately exposes the delusion that is perceived to be reality for an otherwise infirm body and mind. It thereby brings alignment with our true nature, what and who we truly are, and what truly is this life - Sat-Chit-Ananda - Consciousness - Knowledge - Bliss. There is no higher, nor rewarding purpose in life than this ultimate union with the source of who we are. This precious knowledge is Yoga.

Yuki Sakuma

Born and raised in Japan, Yuki sought for a tool to find a good balance in her body and mind after suffering long years of eating disorder from her late 10s. She picked up a yoga book in 2002, since then she keeps practicing yoga. After leaving the bilingual administration job in Japan, she has made several annual trips to India to study with her teachers at KPJAYI. In 2019, she was blessed to share the Ashtanga method (Authorization Level 2) by her teacher Sharathji. Yoga brings a lifetime gift to her by meeting new people across the globe and enriching everyday life with an endless inner journey.